***essential credentials!***

so who exactly am I?!

well I live, for the moment, in West Wales, by the sea in a small harbour town called Aberaeron.

We have a family fish restaurant and a Honey Ice Cream Kiosk. That’s where I’m working right now. My Dad is the proud new owner of a 600 acre forest for which he has many a plan, from sustainable logging using a biomass generator to power the sawmill, to rearing wild pigs and chickens in the trees, to a natural burial sight, and the latest is providing foliage to the Jewish community after he phoned the chief Rabbi in London!

I have a large family, all living very closeby, we enjoy EATING, cooking and more eating! We rather resemble an Italian family when we’re all together.

I do many things with my time, including stuff revolving around the sea like rowing; playing my flute and sax, helping out at the local Red Cross Shop, and organising things such as vintage fashion shows for them. I’m a member of the Welsh Youth Forum for Sustainable Development, and  a British Council Climate Advocate for Wales. I like to rave I like to party and I like to dance….in fact I have a reputation for  not ever being drunk or drugged but ALWAYS dancing!

I have just finished my Alevels, and am hoping to study law at Bristol in October, to eventually become an environmental lawyer-watch this space……


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