my first ever blogging experience

I shall be frank, this IS my first ever experience of blogging, I hope whoever you are wherever you are reading this that you will gain something from it!

I’m going to try blogging on a mixture of subjects but one of my intentions on this ‘ere blog is to present some of the hot topics going on at the moment in relation to the environment, in a paired down way and from a young persons perspective.

whether you disagree or agree give me a comment il try and reply, but I always err on the side of proclomations! You have been warned!

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One response to “my first ever blogging experience”

  1. Marwan Haitham says :

    Hello Isabel,

    My name is Marwan Haitham. I am an electronics engineering senior in the American University in Cairo, Egypt. I am interested in climate change (causes and effect) and i started to get involved with the NGOS and organizations involved in the issue (inside and outside of Egypt). I am starting an organization with, i believe, one of the most active people in Egypt interested in the issue. Her name is Mariam Allam, she is also a university student, in alexandria.
    I do admire your blog and your participation in the issue. I think it is great. I was wondering if I could have your e-mail so we stay in touch and share information and resources.


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