So today I decided to see just how much I consume and where my money goes in just one day.

This exercise depends on what kind of day you’re having obviously, it will differ from day to day. I warn you it’s quite tedious to read, so if you just want to see the result scroll down to the stars!

Ok. I wake up. Have a shower with a Mipro shower head. I lather up with Imperial Leather soap and (ashamedly) Herbal Essences shampoo. I dry myself with a Next towel and put on my favourite made you look made you stare knickers and a colourful La Senza bra (some may say too much information but I strive for accuracy!)

I decide to wear my summery Howies jumper, Tommy Hilfigher skirt (from TK Maxx so not sure what that counts as) and La redoute leggings with a pair of Reef flip flops. Today happens to be a day when I am not wearing a single second hand item of clothing, but I can safely say that at least 2/3rds of my wardrobe is!

I put some Boots cucumber moisturiser on and brush my hair with a Mason Pearson hairbrush. Then I go to breakfast. I have Kellogs cornflakes this morning with Daioni milk. Then homemade bread (ha! gotcha there!) with Cadog butter and homemade marmalade or maybe local honey and suma tahini. I also drink Roibos tea with water boiled in a Roberts kettle. I go to check my Sony Ericsson phone for messages-of course I swamped-and switch on my Dell laptop to check emails which sits on an IKEA desk.

Now the rest of the day depends on the day of the week but today I spend time at home.

A lot of time is spent on my laptop. I walk the dog. I practice my Pearl flute. I make veg and noodle soup for lunch-Blue Dragon noodles, and Knorr stock cubes. All cooked on the Alpha cooker.

I make a phone call on the Bang & Olufsen phone and log something in my moleskin diary. Meanwhile I’m listening to the Bose radio and reading The Guardian newspaper-there’s a really good article about a disabled band called ‘Heavy Load’ plus a shitty supplement about “Love + Attraction”, pfft.

I have a charity meeting at 4.30 in town so I don a SECOND HAND bag and WALK. On arrival I’m offered a cup of PG Tips tea with a spoonful of Tate & Lyle sugar, I accept. We use a Mac laptop and a Sony projector to project our work. I also have to wear my miss sixty glasses to see it! At 6 I go home tired and TV-ready. I switch on the Bang & Olufsen TV and sit on an IKEA chair. I have some left over fish for supper with Lidl tinned peas, and a looooovely glass of tap. Dad asks me to scan something on the Hewlett Packard scanner.

I probably should mention that every time I go to the loo we use Nouvelle toilet paper!

This evening I plan to phone some people on my second hand phone in my room and write this very article in my Pukka Pad with a free Barclays pen, and go to bed between my La Redoute sheets, whilst listening to a BBC tape on my aiwa stereo. Prior to bed Il brush my teeth with a Lidl toothbrush and Kingfisher toothpaste, and finally put some Garnier gunk on my face. The end of my day is signalled by the switching off of my Endon bedside lamp.


So, the definition of a brand is a trade mark or particular make- therefore I think every single object that has some sort of a name on it is a brand. It has been an interesting exercise for several reasons, not least because I hadn’t realised how many companies are in existence, because almost everything I use daily has to be made somewhere by a company with its own name, and therefore its own brand. Its quite mindboggling when you delve into it.

My total number of brands I have come into contact with today is 48!!

I have to say I thought it would be in the hundreds, but apparantly not.

Some things that will affect the total:

*whether you make your food from scratch (raw ingredients)

*if you buy something from a car boot or charity shop or true vintage pieces instead of buying it new.

*borrowing someone else’s whatever it is, instead of buying your own new one.

*you might make something instead of buying one, like knit your own jumper or felt a rug.

*If you grow your own raw ingredients like peas, onions or potatoes, that’s even better!

*If you visit the library to check emails, or borrow a book rather than buy it new, or rent a DVD instead of buying it new.

you get the idea!

I think this all matters because in just one day I have used some 48 items that I have payed money for at some point- and therefore increased 48 companies’ profit (however small), when I could have made some of these things myself.

I think if I keep this in consideration every day I might learn to make less purchases and try to make, reuse or recycle even more things in my day to day life.

Try it-I challenge you!

How many brands are you keeping afloat? Do you buy alot from one particular company? If so, check them out- are they a good set of people to be giving your money to: environmentally and socially responsible? Everything needs questioning, because I have been branded big time!


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