Welcome! I’ve been writing this blog since 2008, and in that time my writing, interests, causes etc have all developed and changed. The original purpose was to cover core environmental discussions in a simple but not simplified way, so that everyone could engage with some of the things our generation will be most affected by. Since then however its become a space where I write about the subjects that I discuss with myself, with others, and sometimes that are big in the news ether; there is also a smattering of travel writing and photography in there too.

So I’ll also give you my story: what I’m doing in trying to lead by example and trying to change the environmental status quo. I’m a young Welsh Woman interested in environmental and social justice policies – particularly building zero carbon and resilient development strategies for developing countries – currently based in the Middle East.


3 responses to “Croeso!”

  1. Kali Stuart says :

    Hi Isabel, Just seen your blog for the first time, and though I’m supposed to be doing something else important (!) I just have to say – wow! This is pretty emotive stuff! Do you think it would be possible to have a link to it on the website? Or would that be a pain in terms of endorsing personal opinions, blah blah? Kali x

  2. coralie says :

    hi i am french and i love your website. it is important to save the environment. you have a good idea to create this blog. bye and good luck

  3. blrbwmn says :

    Hi Isabel!
    Congrats on getting accredited etc!
    Iv been so busy that I kind of drifted away from all the COP stuff – hope you get a lot out of it!
    Wish I could have been there too!

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