All this climate change cr*p…..what’s that about then?

Well it’s only a matter of about a possible 14 million species (that’s 14 million possible living things of some sort), but definitely a matter affecting 1 million 750 thousand species. Why does this matter?

Because climate change is a major problem that could cause the 7th mass distinction over the planet’s existence of 500 million years. The last one was 65 million years ago.


I apologise for being another one of those people who pesters you and makes life difficult, I really do, god knows you make me feel guilty enough-telling me you’ve just killed another African because you didn’t recycle 1 piece of paper!

But I’m only letting you know and wanting you to do something because I care-yes about you! If this was a personal issue I needed to work out I wouldn’t inflict it on you! Unfortunately, or luckily, depending on how you look at it, this affects every single person and blimp on this fantastic planet of ours.

Just take a look at how beautiful it is:

yes it’s a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l world!

no seriously:


It’s not even possible for me to scratch the surface to try and prove this to you, but all you need to do is remind yourself of a time when something took your breath away-that’s reason enough to keep this planet alive surely?


Now for the boring bit, why is it happening?

I won’t re-cover what you no doubt have seen in science lessons or in newspapers, but basically there are 10 aspects to the planet, that when they are negatively affected and not in their natural balance, we can expect a backlash. This has come from a speech Mark Lynas made recently, and this is unpublished information so sshhh!

1. the climate-the atmosphere around the earth into which all our emissions go

2. biodiversity-that’s the diversity of bio! i.e all the possible species on the planet

3. Marine Systems-the sea(s)

4. Nitrogen cycle-the natural cycle of nitrogen that resides in air (79%!), soil and water

5. Toxins-self explanatory, natural systems are continuous they always end up somewhere

6. Air pollution

7. Terrestrial systems-land in general; it’s recommended we don’t cultivate (use to grow things on) more than 35% of the earths total land.

8. water-rivers, glaciers, streams, rain

9.Stratospheric Ozone-the ozone layer is a layer of the atmosphere that protects us from being burnt to a crisp…eek!

10. Ocean acidification-the level of acidity in oceans, any higher than the natural balance starts to kill off species like plankton, which are so important to us.


Basically us humans have taken every single one of those ‘planetary boundaries’ for a ride over the last 200 hundred years or so, but in particular in the last 100 years:

the industrial revolution, richer people consuming more, our growing reliance on fossil fuels, development of chemicals for EVERYTHING! The list goes on, but can you now see how we can judge that the earth has a crisis on it’s hands, or should I say we do? I think I should, mainly because it’s our own fault, maybe not directly ours seen as its mainly our parents that caused the problems, but even so it’s us that will have to deal with the consequences, so stop shirking and pull a finger out!


                                             “Don’t blow it, good planets are hard to find”



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