Small Nations 2008

This year, and this festival was my first ever!

So who better to take with me than my best friend and cousin Bea? We stewarded to get free tickets, and we were mighty glad we did : ) we met loads of fantastic people, and the music was also great, there were bands from Wales, Egypt, Czech Republic, Africa, Cuba etc. We ate loads of poffertjes, rum hot chocolate and Jamaican curry, and we forgot all our cooking gear, so when we appeared on the first night with no one except a few stewards in sight, we got a little worried! I was once a tent-novice and am now an old hand so many good things came out of the festival, not least some damn good vibes.

Here’s a bit of a picture blog of the event:


some impromptu tribal dancing-they were amazing 


some well odd horses they have round there…..


time to steward!          


 N’faly Kouyate from Afro Celt sound system


the barn containing the main stage AND porridge of a morning after : D

i gave the lighting guy my camera to look after…..


Egyptian story teller-who stopped to roast, grind and make us coffee!

Fat man in a Fat tent! just thought it was funny..


poffertjes stand-i worked there for free poffertjes and free money, yum, oh no wait, ye just money.                                

Highlights included: fabulous music, tent sharing when our mattressdeflated, well my side anyway; singing around the campfire was not as cheesy as it sounds; the solar powered veggie cafe; meeting the most beautiful man i’ve ever come across, and more….; spending so much muddy time with Beano, and watching 2 guys on ketamine be scared rigid by Sicknote- a live dance set from Cardiff, they are weird but oh they make you dance; lastly, because there were only 1500 people there, you got to recognise everyone, so its like being in a little village by the 2nd day : )

definitely recommend it for next


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    good site ,you have excellente music

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