First Impressions


arriving!I have arrived in Poznan! It’s been a remarkably short journey to get here: we left London at 1.30 yesterday and arrived at 9 this morning. I had packed my things so tightly into a suitcase and two bags, that they weighed too much to be able to carry! I struggled up the road which normally takes me 10 minutes to walk but which took me half an hour this time! By the time I reached St.Pancras I had a lost a stone in weight and most of my dignity as I was greeted by Casper, Guppi and Amy, red faced and about to faint, (me that is)

The 4 of us got on in St Pancras SO very excited we probably disturbed everyone in our vicinity but never the less I bet they learnt something about climate change that they didn’t know before hand! The train from Brussels to Cologne was then filled with ‘clucking English chickens’ as per the description of the amused young Dutch couple behind us. Luckily Casper spoke Dutch so congratulated them on their joke whilst gently reminding them he understood, therefore do not make jokes about us! My favourite part of the journey by far though, was the night train from Cologne to Poznan. The narrow corridor down one side of the berths lent itself particularly well to Isabel-shaped blockages, mostly due to a language barrier rather than luggage, all the same a blockage is a blockage! Casper, Gupppi, Amy and I struggled into a cabin, trying to fit our copious amounts of baggage in, whilst laughing hysterically, AND trying not to squash the slightly bewildered looking man already squashed in at the back of the cabin! Despite the chaos of our arrival on board, we awoke to a peaceful scene beyond the corridor windows, it was Poland waking up.



We sped past mist shrouded forests, and small homesteads; half finished and with barns more beautiful than the houses. By 8 o’clock the sun started to rise in the sky-a massive orange burning ball that Amy mistook for a fire in the forest. Particularly poignant were the abondoned and bland buildings that were empty with smashed windows, and looked dubiously like barracks. I haven’t seen a place so sparsely populated in a while. So whilst the enormity of the committment all of us young people had made was starting to sink in, with a stunning backdrop, my trip evolved from this one dimensional “lets fight climate change(which happens to be in Poland this year)”- to a two dimensional mission of lets fight climate change in this wonderfully mysterious and strangely beautiful place that I want to know more about.

So, let’s see!



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2 responses to “First Impressions”

  1. Trystan says :

    Go Isabel!

  2. Luciana says :

    good luck you guys, you are all amazing! Go tell the world the message of the yooof. innit. hehehe

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