And so it begins…..

Without giving you a rundown of our initerary and doing the usual ‘there were so many young and fabulous people’ bla bla bla speech, I will just mention the 2 day conference of youth that took place in the 2 days before the COP started. (COP stands for Conference of Parties, which is the negotiations)

Whilst I was sitting there doing all these variuos workshops, and break out groups, to ensure we were working as effectively as possible in our respective group: actions, media and policy; all that was running through my head was, god I wonder if the negotiators and delegations know about this huge body of motivated youth that have organised themselves so amazingly that they have come together 2 days before the COP, and have already planned strategies and actions and fair ways to make decisions, etc etc. It was truly liberating to see it, but I imagine scary from the point of view of any delegates who cant yet bring themselves to face their youth, or put a face to their decisions. They had better be prepared!



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