testimony to dancing

Yesterday was a particularly disheartening day, I had an inner vacuum of inspiration and motivation, and it wasnt even because I was too tired to do anything, it was more because I (and a lot of others) feel like we’ve been sapped of our hopes of being heard and really putting our cards on the table as the largest stakeholders in these negotiations-after all young people make up over 50% of the worlds population! In business that is a majority stakeholder who should have a large say in what goes in within that business-we have none. When it came to the team meeting which we have at the end of each day, we feedback from our specific areas (actions, policy, media etc); we offer suggestions; we organise; we debate; and we comiserate, we laugh and in my case we cry!

Now I can imagine why unemployment hits people so hard, and can ruin their lives and turn them to drink; where I have always had a direction in my life and somewhere to go, I suddenly had none, because everything I have been putting my efforts into has just come up against a brick wall-one that seems increasingly unscaleable.(Within the context of the conference.) This sounds really extreme I know! But when you’re surrounded by thousands of people in suits who are rushing around looking like they’re doing something, and you’re wafting around between meetings, knowing that the people in this building hold the key to the problem, but you just cannot get at them; at the same time there are endless publications and people also telling you that this is THE most important year in history: it is reeeeeally scary.

So anyway, yes I cried, and yes everyone cheered me up, but I still couldnt shake off the tingly feeling in the ends of my fingers and toes which was the desire to do something BIIIG but with no where to channel it.

My tune changed when we were walking through Poznan looking for somewhere to eat and we came across an outdoor gig, with a really, really good ‘recycled’ band. It was samba, ska, jazz and funk rolled into one, and it was just what I needed.

Katie and I pushed our way to the front, dumped our bags behind the large security guards, and danced. As soon as I started to move I could feel my inhibitions and paralysing fears ebb away. I got lost in the music, and that’s when I realised anything is possible, when you feel like that, when you have people like this by your side, music in your ears and a cause to fight for-it can be done!


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One response to “testimony to dancing”

  1. Trystan says :

    Hey Isabel

    Came across this article on the front page of the guardian about Miliband calling for a global movement to pressure governments into action on climate change.


    Maybe Miliband should match his talk with some action and talk to you, you being a movement on the ground now!

    Have you tried the contacting the guardian maybe George Monbiot so that maybe they can help get you heard?

    Let me know if I can help with anything..?


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