On tuesday of the second week of COP about 100 EU youth made our way over to Warsaw on the train.
We got up at 5.00 in the morning having gone to bed at 1.30 in the morning!

dscf5063And needless to say fell asleep on the train; the trains in Poland are great. They are like the old fashioned ones that had compartments of 6 within carriages, where you can shut the door, shut the curtains, and get free refreshments. None of these applied to me as I hit the floor to sleep horizontally, but nevertheless I reccomend them!
When we arrived in the rather magnificent city of Warsaw, we walked through the centre and down a loooooong road to the Polish Chancellors office. A rather grand building that dwarfed our stage and the police outside it. When we got there we waved our banners, we listened to speeches from WWF, Avaaz, Greenpeace and inhabitants of the Global South varying from Cameroonians to Bangledeshi, we executed a die-in (forgive the pun), and we waved the flags not of our country (myself waving the Chinese one); and what was all this for?

Well. As we speak the EU climate and energy package is being negotiated and agreed upon in Brussels. By friday, it should be completed. At the moment the Polish Prime Minister Tusk and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are recinding their previous promises (Angie that’s you), watering down the targets and denying countries of the adaptation funds they desperately need. Why is this important?!

The climate and energy package has many repercussions-all of them huge. Not least the fact that the targets that are decided upon will set a president for the international negotiations going on here in Poznan, and Copenhagen. The countries who will use any excuse to get out of progressive emissions cuts and adaptation funding are keeping their eyes peeled, because what the EU says, goes. Simple as.
It also has repercussions for us as EU Youth. The package should have atleast 20% emissions cuts domestically by 2020 (which means we have to cut our emissions in our country, and not rely on offshore offsetting projects to bring down our total overall emissions.); it should also contain large contributions to an adaptation fund, which is a pot of money for those who cannot afford to but need to adapt ASAP.
These are huge things that will have so many positive results over the next 20 years that it really is worth getting it right, right now.
Go on, put pressure on the EU to do the right thing, go to http://www.timetolead.eu


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