When Ed met Isabel

dscf5098If I’m honest it should really be “when Ed met UKYD” , but it doesnt have quite the same ring…..also, my slant on the whole meeting might have been sliiiightly different because when I met the new Climate Change and Energy minister I was slightly wavy….you know, soft round the edges….

He bought us all a pint of Poland’s best beer while he sat there with an orange juice; I was not about to turn down a free drink, but I also was very tired (we met him at 10 at night in a bar), and very hungry, hence the inevitable waviness! We introduced ourselves, told him about our method of discussion and concensus decision making-didn’t quite get him going on the twinkly fingers-and began our grilling.

He was remarkably open in his answers, often saying “I don’t want to give you a politicans answer but…” and then of course giving one (maybe a method learnt in politican training academy called ‘ways to flumox your audience whilst telling them you’re doing it’).

We asked why wasn’t he planning on accepting the Climate Change Committee’s reccomendations now rather putting them off until the summer? He didn’t give much of an answer.

We asked him how he intended to deliver on the promised sustainable economy if he was encouraging Clean Development Mechanism projects (basically offsetting projects abroad used by developing countries to try and reduce their emissions targets and also to ‘invest’ in a developing country.), because not only would that take away the emphasis on domestic reductions (which Brown would be happy with I’m sure), it also takes away the domestic economic benefits of projects such as these. Not much of an answer-again.

We asked him what popular mobilisation looked like to him-because he made a call for more public outcry on the subject. Predictably he smiled and said he couldn’t really answer that, because then he’d be responsible for advocating certain illegal activities! I think he might be a bit of a rebel at heart, aaah.

We also corrected him on his terminology surrounding all these changes that need to be made; he was calling everything a ‘big ask’, so we said he should be saying that this is healthy, bright future: it’s a big, exciting opportunity not a sacrifice. He couldn’t do anything but agree with the tipsy teenager blurting out her vision could he?! ; ) my plan aaalll along

We parted on good terms, him with his arms full of presents (reports Zero Carbon Britain and Climate Safety, and some polish chocolate) and us with our hearts feeling slightly less heavy at the thought of someone in government who agreed with what we were saying!

Since then we have recieved a hand written note from Ed saying:

Dear Casper,

It was great to meet you and the rest of the youth delegation in Poznan. Let’s stay in touch and build

the global pressure for a Global Deal. Thanks for the presents…

All best wishes


ed note


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