Expensive expenses

This is just a quick post to say something about the current political climate. For 5 out of 7 days a week for the last 2 months I have been immersed in MP’s politics because I’m interning at a senior Lib Dems’ campaign office. Luckily, he is squeaky clean, as I left work last week he was getting ready to be filmed for a day by ITV who wanted to profile him to show how MP’s should be!

Anyway, the fact that he has come out of this alright, as have most of the Liberal Democrat party, says nothing when they are only the third major party in the House of Commons. That leaves an awful lot of MP’s who have an awful lot to answer for.

To begin with, I think that this crisis is a bit of a revolution, and I think it’s an extremely important one. Hopefully this will lead to greater political transparency in an unprecedented way. We should expect to see every receipt and claim published online and on any freedom of information request put to the commons. I have no doubt that due to Gordon Browns current shaky position in power, he will endeavour to make sure that happens; I also have no doubt that whether Gordon Brown calls a general election or not, when the Conservatives get into power, David Cameron will seek to take Browns remedies on this, one step further-whatever that may be.

Another mini-revolution was the speaker standing down form his position, something that hasn’t happened for over 300 years. Out with the old and in with the new.

BUT, all of this counts for nothing, and I mean nothing, if genuine action to safeguard the planet democracy attempts to exist on is not taken. What value will democracy be when wars are fought over food and water in even the most ‘civilised’ countries? These expenses could be far more expensive than just the wasting of our taxes….

All I want to emphasise is that as the public, we should appreciate these few steps to a better democracy in Britain, and vote because of it, not refuse to because previous mistakes were revealed. But we must demand that any new measures planned are introduced ASAP, and then they move on!

Just because a process point was made, the House of Commons should not forget that issues of the world do not stop for it sort itself out. We elect MP’s and parties to lead on issues that matter, to deal with the problem, and unfortunately, move onto the next one that’s first in the raft of problems waiting for its time.

So, use your vote in the European Elections on the 4th of June, and use it wisely because it’s a proportional vote, meaning minority parties have a shot at power, even the BNP.


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