nice to be back

So we finally arrived at 2 in the morning at the hostel, having left home at 9! A 17 hour journey and a large amount of time spent getting lost! Wondering around an unknown leafy suburban neighbourhood at 2 in the morning doesn’t make you any friends and still keeps you lost. Anyway, we finally got there having walked around with our arms hanging off our shoulders, and seriously contemplating settling into our sleeping bags on one of the nearby lawns. But the trek was all worth it for the sense of achievement at having got there despite all the odds being against us. (we very narrowly did not miss our coach from London to Cologne, then Alice lost her ticket but they believed her so they gave her one anyway, then Alice and I nearly missed the bus after it closed its doors and got ready to drive off because the 10 minute break was over! Then we got accosted by what seemed like a dodgy ticket seller, but who was ok in the end, and THEN we got very seriously lost!) oh well these are all key components of an adventure.
And an adventure is what it will be.
It feels amazing to see all the people who experienced Poznan with me, here fighting the fight again. I could accurately call them ‘family’, ‘comrades’, ‘brothers & sisters’-all equally cheesy, but all equally true. To be flying by the seat of my UN pants again is a relief indeed. It’s the thrill of the front line, and I am addicted.


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