I’m afraid to say Japan has just announced it’s greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets for 2020……and wait for it……..they announced a target -8% by 2020, compared to 1990 levels.

What are they thinking?

Also, some of us UK youth met with our chief international climate change negotiator from the UK, who warmly received us into his hotel suite. Whereupon we begun the barrage of questions. Because while on the face of it, the UK is world leader in these terms, it just does not fit with it’s real and practical actions on the ground. 80% reductions WILL NOT be achieved if they continue to agree to Heathrow’s expansion, and say yes to ridiculously large coal fired power stations on the premise that CCS will eventually pull through. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CLIMATE CHANGE!

Yesterday, at our daily fossil of the day ceremony (video to come) Saudi Arabia was given 2nd and 3 rd prize, while we all booed and jeered, the real life Saudi delegates stood watching and clapped! We all turned round incredulously but they continued to smile and look ever so proud of themselves.

Another meeting with a UK delegate to come. Lets hope it gives us back some hope.

so once again



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One response to “AHHHHHHH!”

  1. Joseph says :

    The Saudi neogotiator – Mohammed al-Zahir even remarked to me they get paid in accordance with their Fossil of the Day rankings.

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