Day 3 in the UN house.

Hallo wieder von Jessie!
I’ve been having a really great  (and in some parts tiring) time over here in Germany. 
Yesterday after coming back with my groceries from the German equivalent of Netto I was roped into accepting  one of the Fossil Awards of the Day on behalf of Saudi Arabia.  On a completly off-note, I also had a heart pumping moment as I witnessed the near death of a (I am assuming) German Grandmother as she walked out into the middle of the tram tracks. Anyway, back to fossil awards; Jo from Actionfactory suggested giving these prizes (as S.A won two) over to the Saudi delegate. He was a very smiley man but “could not possibly accept anything lower then first prize“… I suggested to him to come back the next day and maybe he would win a full set. To that he replied with a chuffle. 

Today has consisted of handing out a rather interesting newsletter about the terrible targets from the Japanese which you can find  HERE
Many delegates were amused and gave a little smirk, however some were not impressed.
Amongst other numerous activites, I  had an enjoyable time handling over-sized letters in one of the action activities in which numerous people stood holding letters spelling DELAY KILLS in the Plenary. Arms were burning with the workout, but all in the name of the cause. I unfortunatley do not have a photo at hand to stick on this thing. 

Feel absolutely exhausted tonight… really ready for my bed as we have a super early morning tomorro’ … let’s see how that goes. 

Nos da one and all.




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