Wales Climate Camp Cymru

Come to Wales’ first ever Climate Camp!

I’ll be there, my friends will be there, so let’s make this happen while we still can.

Climate activists plan Wales’ first Climate Camp

Direct action camp to open near Merthyr, 13-16th August

Monday 13th July 2009: Climate activists have announced their plans to set up a family friendly ‘Climate Camp’ near Merthyr Tydfil, site of the controversial Ffos y Fran opencast coalmine next month.

The camp is part of a dynamic movement for action on the root causes of climate change. According to campers, the endless pursuit of economic growth on a finite planet is the driving force behind climate change.

Following Climate Camps near Drax, North Yorkshire (2006), Heathrow (2007), and Kingsnorth, Kent (2008), Climate Camp Cymru will draw international attention to UK government hypocrisy on climate change and ensure Wales plays its part in the growing global movement of camps for climate action. Experts agree that globally emissions must peak by 2015 or earlier if we are to avoid runaway climate chaos .

“Coal is nearly all carbon and should be left in the ground” said Angharad Jones, one of the campers. “The opencast coalmine at Ffos-y-Fran is a big black hole in the climate change policies of our governments! The mine supplies coal to Wales’ biggest emitter of CO2: the coal fired power station at Aberthaw.”

Every aspect of the camp will demonstrate that solutions to climate change are available right now: from lights and computers powered by wind and sun, to water-less compost toilets and delicious low-carbon recipes cooked on efficient wood stoves. The camp will show how reversing the climate crisis can be mouth watering and fun!

More than your average camping trip, Climate Camp will be full of opportunities to learn. Workshops will cover everything from climate science and direct action techniques to DIY and traditional crafts. A kids’ area will keep younger campers entertained throughout the four days.

“Climate change is already killing three hundred thousand people every year ” Dr. Larch Maxey said, “yet our politicians remain intent on using the most polluting fuels like coal to chase economic growth at any cost. To stop climate chaos we must leave fossil fuels in the ground!”


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