Yesterday was the launch of a brand spanking new campaign my friend has bust a gut to create!

10:10 by the Age of Stupid crew, is a campaign for individuals (that mean’s you and your family and friends), businesses (take it to your boss, nag them til they sign up) and organisations (ditto the last one). You sign up to reducing your carbon emissions by 10% by 2010, because that’s the committment and action everyone wants to see from Governments across the world, and in particular, our one. 10% by 2010 gives us a fair chance of averting catastrophic climate change because it means we are pumping less CO2 into the air as immediately as possible, which will help us stay below the critical 2 degrees celcius that we need for survival.

Even the 10,000 NHS employees have signed up-that’s a kick in the teeth for the Government if ever there was one!

You can sign up here.

In the meantime, have a look at the launch at the Tate Modern on Tuesday evening…..in none other than the old power station and air hanger.



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One response to “10:10”

  1. sheepdrove says :

    We hosted a showing of AGE OF STUPID last night.

    During open discussion after the film, people wondered what they might do that’s worthwhile. The people who came to see the film were already organic foodies, recyclers, wood stove stokers, etc. Some had signed up to the 10:10 campaign but most already take steps like those on the 10:10 website. Now what? What else can we do?

    There needs to be a way to take things forward. The whole point of AGE OF STUPID is that we have a very, very, short number of years in which huge change must be made to the way the human race does things. It needs to be top of the agenda all the time, not just when celebs gather at the Tate Modern.

    One of our audience suggested that Radio 4 ought to have something like ‘Thought for the Day’ but all about environmental issues. So we started a campaign for it. Please sign our petition on our blog!

    Short wordpress link > http://wp.me/p6cni-me

    Izzy, please would you be willing to do a piece for ‘Green Thought for the Day’ if we get this going?

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