How’s your October looking?

Apologies for the lack of reading matter, I’m coming to the end of my first (there are 2 weeks of it here!) Freshers week in Bristol Uni.

So, what does your October hold in store for you?

Do you think you’re ready to take some action?

This coming weekend, from the 9th to the 12th of October, will be the biggest environmental youth summit the UK has EVER seen! The UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) have bust a gut to bring you the biggest, most inspiring and best speakers from across the UK. Here they will educate you about the problem, empower you to want to get involved and take action (in whatever form suits you best) and you will meet and greet so many people you’ll have a ready formed network of people to go campaigning with! And once they’ve got you all riled up, dance group ‘Stomp’ (who are amazing) will be helping create a march type action with you all, to go round the streets London, it’s going to be amazing I wish I could be there! On the friday and saturday I’m going to be speaking about my involvement in campaigns over the last year, and also, how I am already affected by climate change in the UK. Have a look at the impressive programme here.
The National Express are offering anyone travelling to Powershift with them, a massive 50% off and a discount card for the rest of the year, don’t book until after you’ve got your PSH ticket cos then they’ll give you a discount code.

So, even if you live far away you can get there cheaply AND there’s a large space near to the conference centre you can sleep in, they’re calling it a crashpad (!) which you can sleep in for 3 nights for only £10 (in the middle of London). Tickets for Powershift cost £30, unless you come from one of their hotspots, in which case you get it half price. Have a look at their website to buy tickets and find out more details. Be there!

Powershift USA

And our Powershift!


THEN, as if that wasnt enough for the lowly month of October, are organising a global day of action. On the 24th over 1000 actions ALL over the world, including in Greenland, will take place to mark the significance of the number 350 in the upcoming UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen. We really need that number to be the one that all the countries in the world commit too, to be able to ensure the survival of all countries and all peoples. No doubt there’s already an action planned near you that you could join, check out this map to have a look; or, you could organise your own! This is where you can get inspiration and help with it, and then you register your action here. Simple as that. And if you do, you know you’ll have helped the world just a little bit, in only a few hours of your day. Personally Im going to be joining in with graffitying the number 350 round Bristol….


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