Think Global Act Local

Sorry for the cheesy line but it’s true! What I’m about to propose really needs you to be in this frame of mind….so

As you probably already know I’ve been involved in the amazing clan of international youth that make their way from all corners of the world to be at the UN Climate negotiations, wherever they may be. And since last December when we attended COP14 in Poznan (see lots of earlier posts), lots of young people, especially some amazing girls from India and the US, have been working hard to get youth from the Global South to these UN meetings, because not only is there a lack of them, there’s practically none! And that is by no means representative of our population on earth. So far, the main project has been to get youth delegates from all the countries (or as many as possible) in the southern hemisphere who are normally underrepresented in the negotiations-both the official ‘grown up’ delegates and the young ‘uns. Not only that, they are often already affected by climate change. 

To be able to provide support in the way of accommodation (getting scarcer but not impossible), accreditation to get them inside, VISA applications, flights or sustainable travel wherever possible, emotional and organisational support from other young people who have been there and done that, we need money, and we need it NOW! Time is very much of the essence, with only 2 months to go, and a lot of youth to organise we really need help fund raising. Because what we forget here is that we can pretty much go out and down our street and raise money for a good cause; but where these youth will be coming from is likely to be poverty stricken which severely restricts their chances of going anywhere.

So, even if you can’t make it to Copenhagen, please help get someone else there, someone with a story which will hopefully move the delegates to act as they should, they are the people its hitting first and hardest, we’ve got it cushty here so lets start doing something with it and put your money where your mouth is!

If you manage to fundraise anything, please email me on so that we can channel it in the right direction ASAP.

Think Global Act Local ; )

Conference Of Youth @ Poznan


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