shoulda woulda coulda change your mind

So, you’ve all heard of 10:10 by now I’m sure (if not scroll down to an earlier post on it), I won’t go into it. BUT I do have exciting news! Simon Hughes, the Energy and Climate Change Spokesperson for the Lib Dems has tabled a motion in Parliament so that MPs have to vote on whether or not the House of Commons and the whole of government should join the 10:10 campaign. This would commit the government to cutting their own emissions by 10% next year.  This is huge.

Last week I went to a talk by Zac Goldsmith, the young Tory MP for Kew and editor of the Ecologist magazine for 10 years; at the end I asked him if he thought that a Tory Government in May would commit the UK to a target of 10% by 2010? He pretty much said no, which is a shame, but honestly I think he was just trying to be realistic. Can you imagine how we would go from a constant increase in emissions in the UK, to not only plateuing steadily, but then turning the tragectory round so that we cut our CO2 output by 10% in a year?! I really really want to see us do it, so, everyone can and should email, or even better hand write a letter to their MP asking them to vote in favour of the motion next wednesday. Especially if your MP is not Lib Dem.

Use this link and it’s done in 2 minutes-although I would advise personalising their letter template, it’s quite bolshy!

10:10 in Parliament

10:10 parliament


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