the clock is ticking

I’m sitting in my little room in halls, in Bristol, trying to prepare for the showdown that will be Copenhagen.

I’ve got my team, I’ve got my accreditation, I’ve got my accomodation, and I’ve got a country for us to support (in fact more like 8 and the emails just keep coming in) and now all there is left to do is work my butt for my last week of term-accounting for my missing the real last week of term!

I truly don’t know what it’s going to be like this time.

I can picture all the negative aspects of what it’ll be like-that’s easy-that’s all anyone ever talks about, and I know I’m really looking forward to catching up with, and meeting more, amazing youth from all over the world. But truly, what’ll life be like the day Copenhagen ends?

Weird question, and no I’m not some sad-ass who’s pinned all her hopes on these 2 weeks; definitely not, but I am the kind of sad-ass who wants to work as hard as possible to know that I could not have done anything more in my power to effect these negotiations more positively. I reckon, if I set myself that kind of personal target, the impersonality and coldness that you encounter at the heart of the UN process will not seem quite so dehumanising.

So what am I doing?

well, myself along with 7 other fabulous young friends will be inside the negotiations assissting under represented official delegations in any way we can. We wanted to be useful, so we are doing our best to contribute to levelling the playing field between those delegations who go there with armies of environmental and business lawyers and negotiators, and those Governments who can’t afford to send even 1 delegate. We have had replies from our offer of support (by way of taking notes in meetings they cant get to, English, policy, getting them lunch etc.) from all over; including countries such as Honduras, Zimbabwe, El Salvador, Burundi, and others that we can’t make out because they’re all in French!


anyway, the 8 of us will be blogging on a seperate blog, otherwise we might just subsume this one!

The address is yet to be decided, we thought not many would appreciate the name theG8! Get it? (there are 8 of us) so keep you’re eyes peeled and I’ll announce it here soon.

I’ve also got together some money from my old secondary school and a student society which means that we are covering the costs of  a young Mongolian delegate, who would otherwise not have been able to come, which is wicked. I’m really excited about meeting her, and I’ll put up a photo of us when I do!

I jsut briefly wanted to mention the new targets coming out of the US and China at the moment. Now I don’t know much about US politics or targets (mainly cos there have never been any for me to think about!) but I do know that these long-hailed targets flowing freely from the US, are not as they seem.

As they are using the baseline of 2005 (itself a high carbon year), to calculate their 2020 targets of 17% reductions, it actually only amounts to 4% reductions!

4% is nothing; it’s no wonder Obama got that through Congress, we have to aim higher.

The good news however is that now that China and the US have actually announced targets, the EU has to upgrade its 2020 targets to the higher level of 32%. This is a very positive step to have to take before Copenhagen has happened, although it should still be remembered that 40% by 2020 is the bare minimum we expect. Let’s hope we can have Pete Betts eating his words when he laughed at Anna in Bonn for suggesting 40% was what we needed for survival.


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