there’s no I in team

This is brief, and the main reason is because I am here with our project called UNfairplay, and all the stuff I would normally write about here, is actually here!

So far this week I have felt strangely detached from what it is I am doing and the people I am with-especially in comparison with Poznan and Bonn (the 2 other sessions of the UNFCCC that I have been at). I think it is probably down to the fact that as a group UNfair play is a small but practical solution to the inherently problematic system we’re trying to work within.

I find myself thinking why doesn’t this upset me? Why am I not feeling more angry and rebellious?

I think it is simply because I feel as though I am doing as much as I possibly can to help, and yes summarising documents and sitting in really really bad side events is boring, but it is truly making a difference to the Kiribati delegation, it is evident how little time they have, and there are even 15 of them, by no means the smallest delegation here.

More than that, I am proud of the country we have ended up channelling our efforts towards; their side event which showed the film you can find here, was an insight into their culture which I previously knew nothing about; and the negotiators are all genuine and lovely people who, as they say, want to keep their homeland, want to fight for their people, and not have to join the undignified and increasing ranks of  ‘climate refugees’. As they put it, they would rather know they are contributing to the well-being of the country they end up in, they would like to be treated with the respect and dignity which any person deserves, and that includes the basic human rights of having access to food, shelter and clean drinking water. They even want us to meet their President when he arrives!

Team dynamics so far have been very different to that that I experienced at previous negotiations, partly due to the fact we have never got together as a team before-I’m starting to realise how important team-building sessions and Skype calls really are now!

At the end of the day, I do actually wonder whether this is all down to a lack of sleep…..


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One response to “there’s no I in team”

  1. Your Guardian Angel says :

    It’s people like you that get into heaven.

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