how to start?

well, I don’t know quite how to start!

It’s been a long time since I took to my laptop to write for pleasure, which has made me sadder and sadder as the weeks go on. Anyway, I’m sitting in sunny Santander right now, aiming to correct this wrong, and begin again now that exams and elections and lots of other interesting things are over (!). Starting with a photo blog of my 4 days on holiday with my mum.

We got here by ferry from Portsmouth, taking just over 18 hours, but it was such a cool way to travel! You get really comfortable cabins, sun, sea and beer, and if you’re unlucky, some free sea sickness thrown in.

Before I start blogging about the serious stuff going at the moment, the things that you do want to read about rather than my banal holiday, I thought I’d break the ice with some pleasant photos that are easy on the eye-next week I’m at the UN-a little less easy on the eye.




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