Bag of inaccuracies

John Vidal wrote this about the march IndyACT and Doha Oasis organised this saturday in Qatar, for the UN Climate negotiations, COP18, see my corrections in square brackets:

“Qatar’s climate movement

Saturday’s climate march through Doha, attended by about 800 people, is thought to be the first ever

demonstration in Qatar [WRONG: it was the 1st ever CLIMATE CHANGE march in Qatar]. It was notable for the presence of around 100 young activists [WRONG: less than that] from the fledgling Arab youth climate movement, who loudly called for Arab leaders to take the lead in the talks. But this was no impromptu “Arab spring” uprising [CRINGE], as much as a carefully and expensively orchestrated exercise by western-based NGOs and the Qatari government [WRONG! It was coordinated by Doha Oasis (though Qatari NGO’s are all associated with the Gvt in some way, it was not the gvt per se AND no western NGO’s helped organise it, only IndyACT from Lebanon]. The movement was started recently in partnership with the Lebanese environment activist group IndyAct,, the Global Climate Change Alliance and Climate Action Network. The activists from 16 Arab countries are in a state of shock being put up in the five-star Crown Plaza hotel (usually $500 a night) by the Qatar government [WRONG: expensive but not THAT expensive and how is this relevant other than to snidely comment that the AYCM is a western imposed creation that doesn’t stand up to the reputation of the Arab youth given the uprisings?!].”
For full article click here.

2 responses to “Bag of inaccuracies”

  1. geoffchambers says :

    Most interesting. Confirms the (slightly fictionalised) account of Vidal I give in this post (3rd paragraph)
    My source was a comment at about how he wrote “eyewitness” reports from African countries he hadn’t visited, incorporating year-old quotes from Oxfam blogs. I could hunt it out, but it would take time.
    I shall be posting about you very soon. I shall be as polite and fair as possible.
    I admire your courage and tenacity. Only sorry I can’t say “good luck with your work”.

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