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Aswan & Luxor by plane, motor boat, sailing boat, car, horse, and train!

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Death and remembrance in a small Bulgarian village

As complete strangers participating in some small scale agro-tourism at a beautiful little self sufficient setup in a rural and ex agricultural village in East Bulgaria, the first thing we saw everywhere were photocopied photos of people sternly staring out from their position on each wooden door.

Bulgaria through the trees

Here are some shots of the landscape in Eastern Bulgaria, featuring lots of beautiful trees and yes it really was that green in real life! [click on an image below to start the slideshow]

The segway between two Monasteries

Next to the Red Sea coast of Egypt, we stayed the night at a motel in the middle of nowhere surrounded by deep brown and blue landscape, windmills on the horizon and truckers stopping for fuel and food. [click on a photo to access the fullscreen carousel view]

storm chasing

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