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Death and remembrance in a small Bulgarian village

As complete strangers participating in some small scale agro-tourism at a beautiful little self sufficient setup in a rural and ex agricultural village in East Bulgaria, the first thing we saw everywhere were photocopied photos of people sternly staring out from their position on each wooden door. Advertisements

Bulgaria through the trees

Here are some shots of the landscape in Eastern Bulgaria, featuring lots of beautiful trees and yes it really was that green in real life! [click on an image below to start the slideshow]

Egypt’s Substantive State Outside the Shell of Politics


While the rest of the world continues to focus on the Egypt that is bogged down in a quagmire of political disintegration, I choose to focus on the parts of Egypt that remain and continue to function throughout, not in a sedentary fashion, but in a stabilising state-building fashion.

At this point, when the political discourse is so damaged and bruised that optimistic suggestions of reform etc will be blown away on the collective exhale of held breath, we must look to the other side of the equation too: the side that constitutes the State away from politics. This might seem like a foreign concept to many, and certainly in formal terms the definition of a ‘State’ is not settled; but in simple terms, and in Egyptian terms, the State is far more, in fact is spectacularly more, than mere government and its bureaucracy.

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Hiraeth: A Crisis of Place

the way to go?

ah. I am sitting writing this in the dark of a neighbourhood power cut, some of the first of those predicted for the summer months here in Egypt. Feels familiar from my stay in Lebanon.

But really what am I doing here? The last couple of days I lost my sense of place. Which, when you’re in a foreign country and are not here for ‘travelling’, means more than just losing your way on a map, it feels a lot like losing your mojo. Read More…

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